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Exterior Improvements Exterior Improvements Gazebo 189207625 Gazebo 189207837 Gazebo 189207841 Cedar Deck Box 189207626 Arbor 189207627 Playhouse/Fort 189207632 Cedar Fencing 189207633 Redwood Picnic Table 189207838 Cedar Bench 189207842 Ceiling Fans 189207634 Custom Sheds 189207630 Custom Pool Equipment Shed 189207844 Stacked Stone and Gate 193705884 Custom Pool Equipment Shed 189207843 Stone and Gate 193705885 Custom Well Pump Shed 189207845 Stone and Gate 193705886 Cedar Fencing 189207847 Mini Shed/Electrical panel cover 193705887 Built in BBQ 189207851 Patio cover and Deck 193705888 Composite Deck 193705889 199551674